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Professional recruiting

Our goal is to provide clients with more than recruiting, namely finding people according to the necessary values and competencies.

At each stage of the company's development, a special portrait of an employee is needed, with a profile set of personal qualities, knowledge and skills. In close dialogue with our Client, we draw up an accurate portrait of the Candidate, develop a search card for the required employee and find exactly the one who is needed here and now. Each new project is the selection of an expert who, with his skills, knowledge, experience, will develop the business of our Client. How not to be mistaken in choosing the right specialist? Our consultants at every stage of the personnel search service provide support, provide advice, give feedback on the labor market.

Stages of finding an employee with the recruitment agency VSK


  1. Getting to know your company: obtaining information about the required employee or functionality that needs to be performed, what result should be achieved. It is important that our consultants give the most up-to-date and information about the company, its advantages to candidates
  2. Clarification of details (psychological portrait, clarification of formal requirements) that will be taken into account when choosing candidates
  3. We prepare information about candidates for you (Market slice, vacancy analysis, negotiations with candidates, interviews, collection of recommendations)
  4. Organization of meetings of candidates and company representatives (we accompany the company in negotiations, assist in the preparation of interviewers)
  5. The candidate accepts the job offer and the warranty period begins (3 - 6 months). Payment for services.
  6. Our employees accompany the Candidate and the Company during the warranty period.
  7. Clients contact us with a new project.
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